December 3, 2020 Faith Arias

5 Secret Methods For Better Content

Everyone wants to offer better content to their audience. To this end, there are a ton of tips out there that can help you out. However, many of these tips have been circulating around the internet for so long that they have lost much of their power. This is why in this post, you will learn about 5 methods that are not talked about that often. Maybe they are not really secret, but they are definitely not as widely known as others. So, here goes!


  1. Use job descriptions to your advantage.


No matter which job you work, it will have a job description attached to it. This is true for everyone, of course, and this is where the method comes in. Use job descriptions to find the key responsibilities, or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) attached to them. Then, depending on the job you were just looking at, you can usually get a pretty good idea of what exactly it is that they do on a daily basis. For example, you may find that the job description of a general legal counsel has a lot to do with how many contracts they get and what quality they have, as well as minimizing business spending, litigation cost and fines. Based on this knowledge it can be much easier to create content that advises your audience about what to do to draft up a contract without much hassle, or make the most of a small legal budget.


  1. Stay in tune with industry insiders.


Any industry will have certain individuals as prominent representatives. LinkedIn is especially good for this, as you always know exactly what a person does. Find one of these individuals in a field you are currently interested in. Then, see what they post about. In theory, this works on any social media – LinkedIn just makes it more likely that whatever they post will be relevant to the field they work in. Then, use these posts to gain an insight into what is currently important in their field. If their post does not add enough context, you can always scroll through the comments and add a bit of your own research on top. Sometimes, the post of an industry insider is so good that you want to use it in your content – just ask them for permission to do so and you may end up with a serious upgrade to your content as well.


  1. Visit your sales team.


This may not apply to everyone reading this, but if you have access to a sales team then it can pay to visit them every once in a while. When you are there, just listen in on some of their calls. What are prospective customers frustrated by? Which problems do they need solving? How do they talk about these things, how do they formulate them? By doing this, you will not only find new content ideas, but also pretty much get your keywords presented to you as well. To take this to the next level, you could even work together with a sales rep to draft a couple of questions for prospective customers. This way you can easily develop new content that is immediately relevant to your audience.


  1. Drop in with customer service.


Once you have passed by the sales team, head to customer service next. The same idea applies here: Sit with them, listen in on calls, collect ideas and take notes. For advanced idea-harvesting, turn on e-mail notifications for your customer service chatbot. This way, you can tap directly into the stream of customer questions and the answers by customer service. If nothing else, you will get great content for the next FAQ section you draft. And for everyone worried about spamming their inbox with customer service exchanges: Just filter those notifications into a separate folder and you will be fine.


  1. Harvest your webinars.


Whether you lead or attend a webinar, it is usually accompanied by surveys, polls and discussion questions that can be a goldmine for content. But even the content of the webinar itself can often be expanded on by further content outside of the webinar. This way, webinars can offer great inspiration for you content, but your content can also help increase awareness of webinars as well. To spice up your content a bit more, adding the opinion of third-party experts is always a good idea.


There you go! With these 5 ideas, you will get fresh content in no time. Feel free to mix and match these ways to get better content and find the perfect combination for your needs!