Free PushPros Check List

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1) What content engages users?
2) What Pages have most traffic?
3) What Segments Could You Develop?
4) What Automated Messages can you use?
5) What automation are you using now in email/funnel?
6) Should you set up Automated messages?
7) What else are your users interested in?
8) What Images Engage Users?
9) Do you have ‘industry’ Emojis?
10) What are best headlines in ads you use?
11) What are best subject lines in emails?
12) What time do your users engage best?

1) Use a ‘Pre Sell’ Page First
a. One click – with Pre sell language
b. Survey/Options – to Direct to Segment
2) Use words like ‘push’, ‘promos’ or ‘alerts’ in pre sell language
3) Know Words for Next Step – Stay Congruent
4) Decide Which pages you will put Push Opt In process live on

1) Give Benefits of Your Messages
2) Strong CTA
3) Use a Good Image (from Pre Launch)
4) Use Good Opt In “Yes” or “No” Options
a. Yes, I like Saving Money!
b. No, I like to lose money.
5) If Answer No, Send User to Another Page – Not Your Opt In Page

1) Use Short messages with Strong Benefits
2) Only 120 characters or less normally
3) Strong Call To Action
4) Use Emojis
5) Use compelling image
6) Make Message congruent with next page
7) What time should you send your message?

1) What messages work the best?
a. Highest CTR
b. Least Attrition
2) What image worked best?
3) What CTA worked best?
4) What times worked best?
5) What opt in process works best?
6) What’s the value of each opt in process?
7) Where can we segment data?
8) What pre sells get the most downloads?
9) Where can we build other lists?
a. Push
b. Manychat
c. Email
10) Can we use Third Party Affiliate offers?
a. If so, what is engagement on these?
b. Which make the highest com?
c. Highest epc?
d. Best headlines
e. Best images
11) Can we increase the number of messages sent?
12) How many messages increased attrition?
13) Where is the ‘money spot’ – where enough messages vs. revenue generated?
14) What is the lifetime value of a subscriber?
a. Based on attrition
b. CTR
c. CPM
d. EPC


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