November 24, 2020 Faith Arias

macOS Big Sur: Big Change In Web Push Notification Design is HERE!

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC, held all-virtual this year), they came around with a ton of exciting announcements for pretty much all Apple products out there. For push notifications though, the most important changes probably come out of the new macOS: Big Sur. Of course, you can be sure that PushPROS will make the most of the changes.


Most importantly, web push notifications get lengthened by one line of text. It will also allow users to interact with messages via drop down visuals. This way, including high-resolution images and visual calls to action will become much easier. Another exciting feature is that notifications can now reach users even when they are logged out. But this is just a quick rundown – here is a list of the most important things to expect.


One More Line For Web Push Notifications.

Remember trying to squeeze your notifications into a couple of words to avoid the cutoff? Right now, if your notification is longer than five or six words, the rest will just not be displayed to the user in the notification.

This is where the new line of text comes in. With the arrival of Big Sur, that new line of text will effectively double the space for push notifications. Sure, push notifications will still need to be concise. But now there is that little bit more room for creativity and conveying an engaging message.

PushPROS is already figuring out the best ways to utilize this new space. It provides a lot more ways to combine a snappy, engaging message with a bit more context, and there is a lot to look forward to!


The New Drop-Down Feature.

The push for extra content does not stop with an extra line of text. Now, push notifications can contain a large image, as well as several action buttons to immediately engage the user. So, Big Sur will not only make delivering engaging notifications easier, but also make immediate engagement by the user essentially barrier-free.

The way it works is that a user can expand a notification to reveal the large picture and the engagement buttons via a drop down arrow. Action buttons can also be customized, and include emoji support as well. So, the new drop-down feature is another way in which Apple’s Big Sur will make web push notifications even more effective!


Reaching Logged-Out Users.

A big headache for web push notifications was always reaching logged-out users. They were great at engaging users while they are not on your site or using your service, but they always had to be logged in for it to work. Now, being logged in to a user account is no longer necessary to reach a user.


This way, the new feature essentially doubles down on the main asset of web push notifications:

Reaching your users anywhere, at all times. Thanks to this, creating more engagement becomes even easier for users of the new Bug Sur macOS!


News from Google’s LIVE.

Next to WWDC, Google held its own all-virtual annual conference as well – LIVE. In a nutshell, web push is not expected to experience any major changes when it comes to how it works with Google Chrome. Just expect some efforts towards creating “quieter notification permissions”. Google really wants to reduce spammy or abusive content as much as they can, which will only serve to benefit providers who do web push notifications right.


Summing Up: Lots To Be Excited About!


Big Sur is about to make push notifications a lot more effective. Just the additional line of text allows for a ton of new campaign angles. Even better, being able to include large pictures and buttons will make calls to action a lot more engaging.


No worries about reaching users across devices and browsers, by the way. Segmenting users based on how they interact with your content makes it easy to ensure that web push notifications display optimally for everyone.


If you are also excited about the upcoming power surge for web push notifications, why not check out PushPROS!? Now is your chance to grow your Business and be ahead of the curve!