COST:  FREE – there is no cost to use our solution on a revenue share model.

PushPros has designed a Revenue Share program that is designed to make you more money on your current traffic and business,
While also allowing you to use Push YOURSELF to promote your business to your clients.

Here’s how it works:

1 We give you a piece of simple code
2 You paste on your website
3 We send out 1-2 messages a day that we’ve found create revenue without impacting your current business.
4 You have the ability to send messages either on your own or give to our team to set up.
5 We send you a check every month!

It’s really that simple for you.

You get a Free High Tech Push Notification account where you can send your own messages and monetize your list

(optional – as some businesses just want us to do it all.)


We use our expertise to target your list using the strategies we’ve perfected to make you money by sending highly engaged, revenue making messages to your push notification list.

That’s it.

Chat with us about how to get started within as little as 5 minutes or less.

It’s as easy as COPY + PASTE = MORE $$$


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