Fully Managed Solution

Capitalize on the PROS Expertise and AI Monetization and Messaging Machine

Tap into the Powerful Potential of Web Push Notifications and sit back while allowing PushPROS to do all the work for you and pay you monthly. Our team is standing by and ready to Improve Your Push Performance.

Here’s How It Works

Step 1


We give you a piece of simple code and single file

Step 2

You add to your website

Step 3

Proven revenue creating messages are delivered that compliment your business

Step 4

The team of PROS will send your own messages out for you if you wish

Step 5

We send you a bank wire each month!

It’s really that simple for you

Leverage the expertise of the PROS to target push subscribers using the strategies that have been perfected
over 4 years of testing to make you money by sending highly engaged,
revenue making messages to your push notification list.

That’s it.

Chat with us about how to get started within as little as 5 minutes or less.